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Terms of Service

By agreeing to the terms of service aforementioned herein, I am bound by law to  give Illuminated Advisors credit with a link to our website at the bottom of my blog or in the footer of your blog pages with the following statement:

Illuminated Advisors is the original creator of the content shared herein. I have been granted a license in perpetuity to publish this article on my website’s blog and share its contents of it on social media platforms. I have no right to distribute the articles or any other content provided to me, or my Firm, by Illuminated Advisors in a printed or otherwise non-digital format. I am not permitted to use the content provided to me or my firm by Illuminated Advisors in videos, audio publications, or books of any kind.

Failure to comply will result in the immediate and permanent revocation of your subscription, a penalty of $250/per article not in compliance with the terms of service, and you will be required to immediately remove any article that you have used from this subscription.

If it is discovered that you have given this article to another party for use on their digital platforms, this will result in a $1,000 penalty and the immediate and permanent revocation of your subscription.